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How it Works

Your automation journey will have 4 important steps.


Identification - You come to us with an automation idea and our experts brainstorm solutions with you or one of our experts analyses your workflows for you.


Evaluation - A detailed analyses regarding the cost and benefits of an automation is made. Only when the ROI is large enough do we advise going forward with a project.


Implementation - Your tailor made solution will be developed in a timely manner so you can focus on the important work. We take care of the dirty work.


Deployment - Congrats, your first robot can start doing real work in your company! We offer extended support in our commercial licenses.


Automation can be quite complex and daunting, here are a few questions and answers we often come across.

When we talk about a robot, we mean a work unit that can execute tasks 24/7 in a digital environment, either in a private cloud or locally. 
Robotic Process Automation.
It depends, if you have a clear vision of the process and it’s potential for automation, you can send us a screencast or detailed description with screenshots and our team will have a look and propose a plan of action. We also offer and audit to discover processes ripe for automation and analyse the ROI of each process.
No, our RPA solutions work on top of your existing software stack. No modifications are necessary to run our robots.
As always, it depends. We know that’s not a clear answer but it really depends on specific use cases. If you do the automations yourselves the only cost is a license fee. Feel free to contact us and we will go into detail about costs related to your specific project.
Because we love python and most developers do too. You can use any python library you want on top of our RPA library and make use of all your favourite packages for machine learning, computer vision, data analytics, etc. + developers will be able to get up and running faster compared to for example UiPath.
Yes! Since we use a vision based approach we do not rely on underlying technical details. Citrix, legacy applications, you name it.

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