An RPA engine
for the long term

Open source, python based, transparent and completely tailorable. Don't invest in a walled garden automation technology, invest in a long term solution instead.

RPA engine

Our vision based RPA engine is able to automate almost any repetitive task in a digital environment. Python based with a long term vision to ensure continued operation.

Computer vision

Just like humans, our RPA engine works entirely based on vision, recognising the correct components to interact with. This enables automation of legacy applications, Citrix and cloud applications.​

Self healing

A global network of users enables a self healing RPA system where UI components are kept up-to-date, ensuring that your automations keep running flawlessly.​

Developer focused

None of that drag-and-drop stuff. Automating is developing, let developers do it properly to ensure your automations are robust and maintainable.

Python based

Since our RPA engine is based on python you can use any python library to enable your RPA project. From Tensorflow for machine learning to Pandas for data analytics, you name it.

Endlessly scalable

Deploy locally, in our cloud or in a private cloud. You can automate and deploy automations depending on your needs.

Web portal

Manage your digital workers in one place.

dashboard rpa automation

Task list

An overview of all tasks that are scheduled on the robot, along with the current status.

logfiles rpa automation


Custom KPI’s for each task can be provided to get a detailed insight into the performance of automated tasks.

logfiles rpa automation

Task details

Scheduled start, last successful completion, log files, documentation of the automated process and flowcharts can all be viewed on the task page.


With our portal, you can manage all your Ad Astra Industries robots in one single place. The portal monitors your robots 24/7 and keeps a close eye on how successful your automations are running.


Get custom KPI's and error logs to obtain an insight into the performance of your robots.


For every task can track error logs, execution logs, documentation and a flowchart. This allows you to keep a close transparent view of the digital workforce.


View when your robots are scheduled to execute certain tasks and optionally adjust the scheduled times to fit the dynamic nature of certain tasks.

Developer tools

A visual studio code extension enables easy integration with the RPA engine, making development easier.

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